Sunday, May 15, 2022

Messin' with p5*js

In anticipation of using some version of processing js in a non-AP computer science class I will be teaching this summer, I am just tinkering with arrays this morning. I like how this turned out.

Columbus Math Teacher Circle

I was fortunate enough to attend the Columbus Math Teacher Circle yesterday and to share the game Borel as a way to introduce my favorite instructional arc for teaching probability ideas: Intuition, Simulation, Calculation.

The first problem we looked at was this:

Roll three 6-sided dice and one 30-sided dice. Will the difference between the maximum value and minimum value showing on the dice be greater than 15?

Pause for a moment and think about this problem. What does your gut tell you? Then roll these digital Polypad dice to get a feel.

Conic Construction

The one conic construction that is probably what you know if you know one is the parabola construction. <\br> <\br> In the co...